iHeartNewMusic is the ultimate application for new music lovers wanting to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • Browse the extensive list of music blogs for the latest tunes and listen for free!
  • Catch up on album reviews and gig listings while listening to your favourite tracks from the Web
  • Search the Web for any track and stream it directly to your iPod Touch or iPhone for free!
  • Add your own music blogs to the application’s ‘favourites’

If you’re into new or classic tunes of any genre this is the application for you – bringing the on-line music community directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Download iHeartNewMusic now, directly from iTunes.

The Best of the Web – Right from the Start

iHeartNewMusic comes with an extensive list of the world’s best music blogs. Choose from any blog in the top 100 or add your own bookmarks as to listen your way around the blogosphere.


Stream Directly to your iPod Touch or iPhone

iHeartNewMusic streams directly from the Internet using your WiFi connection. Great quality tunes with no waiting for downloads or wasted storage. The clutter-free interface lets you concentrate on listening to great music or reading up on your favourite bands.


Browse and Listen

A full-featured Web browser is built right into the application so that you can browse and listen at the same time, without leaving the app.


Download iHeartNewMusic directly from iTunes and open up a whole new world of new music to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can also see a YouTube video of the application here.

Visit ScafellSoftware.com to find out more about the developer.


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